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The OMS Ecomaster 2 Series of High Pressure Metering Unit has been created to introduce the benefits of high pressuremetering and mixing within a modular range of machinery which can be tailored to precisely match particular production requirements. Its design is particularly suited to the use of non-CFC formulations.

The Ecomaster 2 Series consists of three  specific model groups, each of which has been designed to meet the particular performance and budget targets most commonly required by urethanes processors.

ECOMASTER 2 represents the starting point for the range with a combination of a high basic specification, the capability to run up to two mixing heads and a purchase price offering an excellent cost/benefit ratio.

ECOMASTER 2 PLUS expands on the base model by incorporating an electronic control system capable of operating in multi-head installations.

ECOMASTER 2 DATA is the ultimate choice for processors requiring, as standard, complete process monitoring facilities and data capture.

This modular approach to machine specification and performance includes an intelligently considered range of optional or additional equipment to enable machines of relatively simple specification to be upgraded should requirements change during the working life of the machine.