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A particular application of our continuous sandwich  panel lines with flexible faces is the production of pre-insulated air ducts.

Sandwich panels are made of  PIR  rigid foam with aluminium foils on both sides for the construction of air distribution ducts.

The use of insulated air ducts offers many advantages:

Thermal insulation: constant and continuous in all duct sections. Special closed-cell PIR foam insulation guarantees low thermal conductivity and limit the risk of condensation.

Airtight seal

Energy saving: perfect thermal insulation and optimum airtight seal allow for maximum exploitation of air handling unit capacity, increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs.

Hygiene and air quality: the use of aluminium for the internal surfaces of the ducts ensures high level of hygiene and cleanliness.

Safety: low participation in fire, do not drop and smokes have a reduced opacity and toxicity.

Silent operations: the sandwich structure (aluminium - insulating material - aluminium) guarantees a good acoustic behaviour. Vibration and reverberation are stopped by the insulating material, contributing to a higher comfort in the environment where the duct is installed.

Light weight: the very light weight allows a reduction of weight on the structures, supporting points, workmanship costs and materials necessary for the installation.

Duration: the outer aluminium coating coupled with the insulating material provides sturdiness, rigidity and good resistance to corrosion, erosion and deformation even in special applications.