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The Turbo Autosprue ™ injection valve allows liquid resin mixes to be delivered to a closed mould without exposure of liquid resin to the operator.

A quick connection to Magnum Venus Plastech Limited's machinery range for a cleaner operation.

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Many will agree that to make closed mould production user friendly, an absence of liquid resin within the close proximity of the operator is the ideal situation. This can be achieved by using the Turbo Autosprue ™ automatic injection valve. The Turbo Autosprue ™ valve locks into the production mould cavity and is controlled by the injection machine. The valve is connected to the machine nozzle (via quick connect) and upon start of injection, the Turbo Autosprue ™ opens, allowing mixed resin to pass into the mould cavity. On completion of injection, the Turbo Autosprue ™ closes, isolating itself from the mould cavity. It is flushed clean at the mix-head cleaning cycle ready for next production injection run. The valve is complete with the necessary quick release couplings, resin supply hose, waste hose and signal pipes with connector.


5855 – Turbo Autosprue ™ with Quick Connector fittings with a nylon resin feed hose and clear drain pipe.

5856 - Turbo Autosprue ™ with Quick Connector fittings with a heavy duty resin feed hose and clear drain pipe.

5862 - Additional Turbo Autosprue ™ 'Locksert' including Clip

The TAS has been tested in all positions Vertical up, Vertical down and horizontally and will operate and flush efficiently. Also tests have proven long service life using all known thermoset resin systems, filled or unfilled.

  • Suitable for low/high Temperature applications
  • Exceptionally low maintenance - filled or unfilled resins
  • Self locks into mould using 'Locksert'
  • Compact 12 x 5cm
  • Low cost
  • Open/closed indicator
  • Suitable for all thermoset resin systems
  • Lonlife PTFE fluid seals
  • Seal change possible from mould face without valve removal
  • Vortex flow provides efficient flush
  • Safe - designed to CE standards